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"Vegan and gluten-free, our cookies are unbelievably delicious.  You'll love them.  A spectacular "better cookie" everyone can eat!

Amy & Scott

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Welcome to our VEGAN Bakery!

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We are brother and sister “cookie chemists” 

who grew up devouring our mom's homemade cookies.

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Our company originally started by creating an upscale, gourmet version of our mom's recipe. But as our dietary needs and passions evolved, so has our formula. We wanted a treat that everyone could enjoy together; whether you are the person with gluten sensitivity, the one with nut allergies or the vegan who loves good health as much as animals and our planet.


Through trial and error (and tasting a lot of bad cookies!) we developed the perfect blend of ingredients for the best vegan and gluten free cookies you will ever taste! We know the challenges of baking with gluten free flours so let us make your life easier.

Vegan or not, cookie connoisseurs say our cookies are the best they've ever tasted.  And for you baking enthusiasts, try our

bake-at-home dough and enjoy them hot out of the oven!

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Can you smell 'em?!

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Our Mission:

We want to delight your taste buds with healthy treats

that are ethical and environmentally responsible.

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